Actor Robert Guillaume Passes Away at Age 89


Emmy-Winning actor and Soap star Robert Guillaume died at home Tuesday in Los Angeles; he was 89.

According to his widow, Donna Brown Guillaume, the actor had been battling prostate cancer.

The St. Louis native rose to stardom by way of stage musicals and onscreen, and earned an Emmy win for his portrayal of the sharp-tongued butler in the TV sitcoms, Soap and Benson.

In 1999, At 71, the actor’s career was almost halted after he suffered a minor stroke while working on the short-lived television series “Sports Night.” Guillaume resumed his career and traveled as a new spokesperson for the American Stroke Association and made appearances for the American Heart Association.

In his 2002 autobiography, “Guillaume: A Life,” the actor wrote, “I’m a bastard, a Catholic, the son of a prostitute, and a product of the poorest slums of St. Louis.”

Over the years, the actor’s life was marred by tragedy when his son Jacques died of AIDS at the age of 33.

Guillaume later married TV producer Donna Brown in the mid-1980s and fathered a daughter, Rachel.

In recent years, the actor maintained a low profile from the spotlight. His once bitter outlook on life had lifted. “To assuage bitterness requires more than human effort,” he wrote at the end of his autobiography. “Relief comes from a source we cannot see but can only feel. I am content to call that source love.”


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