LisaGay Hamilton to play Condoleezza Rice in upcoming biopic


Former The Practice star, LisaGay Hamilton has been tapped to play former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rica in an upcoming Dick Cheney biopic.

Christian Bale is slated to play Cheney alongside Amy Adams, who will play his wife, Lynne.

According to Deadline, the film follows the former Vice President’s career and climb from CEO of Halliburton to his role as the most powerful VP in history. Rice served during the Bush Administration as the National Security Advisor in President George W. Bush’s first term, and the Secretary of State during his second term.

Since her role on The Practice, Hamilton has starred in a variety of roles, most recently wrapping up three projects including the sci-fi film Ad Adstra with Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones, and the war drama The Last Full Measure alongside Samuel L. Jackson.


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