Your wedding day is usually a joyous event filled with smiles and happiness. You and your spouse gather before friends and family to exchange your, “I do’s,” but does your ‘I do’ also include your spouse’s credit card debt?  A recent article titled “Am I Responsible For My Spouse’s Credit Card Debt?” released September 25, 2017 takes a look at how couples can delineate the payment responsibility between the two of them.

In the eyes of the law, the moment you get married, you and your spouse become united as one. That unity also includes financial responsibility for credit debt. But what couples must remember is the need to have a clear understanding on when the credit card debt was acquired.

For the most part, if your partner’s credit card debt was acquired before the marriage, then you are not responsible for payment. While this is usually the case for most situations, be mindful of grey areas in the law as each state may have their own determination of payment responsibility.

With that said, credit card debt acquired during the marriage is treated differently and becomes the responsibility of both spouses. This is an important factor to keep in mind because should the marriage end in divorce, or should anything happen to one of the spouses, the payment responsibility is either transferred to one spouse or split between the two.

In today’s economy, few things can put a strain on the household more than credit card debt. And when you’re married, high credit card debt accrued by either you or your spouse can complicate matters. It’s important that you and your spouse maintain open communication about your debt and financial responsibility before the marriage, and even more so after getting married. While marriage can be beautiful, it can also open the window for a dark cloud to hover over the union.

To find out more about credit card debt and your responsibilities as a spouse – click here.


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