Missouri bar under fire for using ‘Lynch’, ‘Kaepernick’ jerseys side-by-side


A Missouri bar and its owner are under fire for how it used Marshawn Lynch and Colin Kaepernick’s jerseys in response to NFL players’ anthem protests.

Jason Burle, the owner of S.N.A.F.U Bar, said his intention to place the jerseys on the ground outside of the bar was a peaceful protest to respond to the NFL controversy.

The jerseys were put outside of the business as doormats but the placement of the jersey’s read “Lynch Kaepernick.”  Facebook user, Taylor Sloan noticed the arrangement and called the bar out on social media for the display.  Burle saw Sloan’s posting and the two started a heated exchange back and forth over the message behind the jersey display.

Photo: Twitter

Burle said there was no ill intent and he placed the jerseys on the ground in the order that they came out of the box.

A photo of the jerseys was spread across social media causing swift outrage to the bar’s actions. The bar’s Yelp page took a hit as people posted negative reviews bringing the restaurant’s rating down to one star. Kaepernick even took to Twitter to respond, retweeting the photo and calling Burle’s actions racist.

The jerseys have since been rearranged.  Burle defended the display and his right to freedom of speech, saying people are reading too much into the situation.  He maintains his actions were not about race, but instead about showing support for the military, the flag and veterans.


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