LeBron Nike Shoe

A young kid’s quest to find affordable basketball shoes was met by an unexpected act of generosity from a stranger.

While shopping with his father in a Warren, Ohio mall, a fifth grader named Jordan approached a salesperson inside a Champs shoe store. With $75 in his pocket, Jordan asked the salesperson if the store sold shoes within his $75 budget. After finding out the only basketball shoes in the store’s inventory were well above his limit, Jordan, who needed the shoes for his traveling basketball team, began looking for a less expensive shoe.

Facebook/Tinyia Frank

Overhearing the conversation between Jordan and the salesperson, fellow shopper, Tinyia Frank, a 19-year-old college student offered to buy Jordan any shoe he wanted on one condition – that he send her a photo of himself wearing them at his first game. Jordan obliged, and after careful deliberation, he picked out the red pair of basketball shoes.

Frank, a college student who works in a bar, told Yahoo Style, she didn’t mind the price and she hopes her act of generosity inspires people – especially those in her hometown – to help others when they can. Since the good deed, the news of Frank’s act of kindness has gone viral on social media.


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