Bogus Flotus?


The Internet loves a good conspiracy theory and here’s one that will keep you entertained. Earlier this week, social media was buzzing with folks crying about a bogus Flotus in the White House.

The hoopla started after a tweet by @JoeVargas of went viral. Vargas questioned if a recent press conference with President Donald Trump and the First Lady was using a Melania substitute. He even posted a video to back up his claim.

Conspiracy theorists quickly jumped on the tweet, with many pointing out that something was ‘shady’ about Melania’s stoic expression and dark shades. It didn’t help that in the video, the president oddly referenced his wife, and added “who happens to be standing right here.”

The theory of a Melania stand-in traveled far and wide, with Newsweek reporting, since Vargas posted the video, there was a spike in Google searches for “Melania Trump double” and “Fake Melania.”

While some are holding onto the notion that the real Melania is MIA, others are labeling this latest buzz as bogus chatter. Snopes quickly debunked the theory, posting side-by-side comparisons to show there’s no funny business going. According to Snopes, any speculation about whether it’s the real Melania standing in the video isn’t because of the use of a body double. It’s because of the use of a poorly working television.

So when it comes to Melania Trump, there is no substitute.


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