A southern California restaurant owner is coming under fire for serving her customers Popeye’s fried chicken. Kimberly Sanchez is the owner of Sweet Dixie Kitchen in Long Beach California. According to one disgruntled customer, Sweet Dixie’s secret recipe is store bought.  Sanchez is defending her choice to use the popular chain’s fried chicken for her restaurant’s chicken and waffles brunch dish. Sanchez says she loves that chicken from Popeye’s and considers it the best she’s ever had.

Sanchez told ABC News, Los Angeles, that she previously contacted Popeye’s for approval but has not heard back. She says she’s not trying to trick customers with the fried chicken because she ‘carried it through the front door.’

All of the uproar started when Yelp user, Tyler H inquired about the menu item after seeing a waiter bring “two large boxes of Popeye’s to the kitchen.”  Some customers don’t have a problem with Sanchez’s use of the chicken. But for Tyler H, it’s a different story. After learning the restaurant’s secret, he took to Yelp to slam Sweet Dixie’s use of pre-made chicken.

In simple terms, it appears Tyler thinks it’s ‘fowl.’


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